Road Map

Road Map explanation

Our goal is to set up a completely working chat bot and then release its code.
Here we put everything we need to either add or fix in order of priority.
If it's written in red it means that it's still missing, while if it is in green then it's done.

Since we previously didn't use this site to keep our road map, we lost track of what we did so far. We just know what we need to do in the future.


to do: Translate the whole bot

to do: Delete or add comments to the code, it needs to be understandable jeez

fix: getliltextreply method
-check that the message is just not too long
-if it is replying using a media then it doesn't work

fix: Find a new way to upload content
-use the log channel to upload the welcome-mute-ban-warn pics as the bot starts

fix: Error given to a user when another user leaves the chat

fix: /users gives a result which is not a correct one (multiple of 5 wtf)

fix: do not send messages while rigenerating anon is active

fix: blacklists aren't working properly are they

add: Board update
-/report to report a post
-possibility to create private boards (settings: only to creator, chat mods, everyone)
-checkboard if it is not following the rules, changed username etc
-reply to a board mess sending the reply even if the replied user isnt subscribed (dont do it twice tho)
-update commands
-add beside "cancel" when posting another button named "post again" so you don't have to type it twice ffs
-check that replies are correctly working (even with non subbed users)
-replies aren't working: the >>>/board/ must prevent someone from trying to put it in the end of it's post just by adding a > that would not let it work

add: Review warn/mute/ban system
-mod should add a reason when banning (or muting or warning idk) someone
-totmutes and stuff like that should either not exist or being rigenerated each day

add: new /delete (\w id for each post)
-folder called /posts/ containing the name of each post

add: New forward
-should be async
-sometimes doesn't work i wonder why, maybe there is something wrong with the caption?

add: Improved nightmode that can be turned off or on automatically
-timing should be set by the founder and admins, can add multiple timings
-a timing event should look like "/command 7:00 on"

add: Possibility to add a custom presentation, ban, mute, warn messages
with pics as well, must be contained in a shared channel in which the bot will upload the files each time it starts running

add: /find
-can find posts that are stored in public channels (even if private?)

add: let roles be customized (kind of)

add: cool tips
like set the log channel as a board, create a only mods board and stuff, run the server from a veracrypt container, idk what else

add: deleting boards
-both by the chat admins and the board founder (requires the board to be disabled)

add: Encrypt telegram ids
-find a fast encryption method
-needing a personal key for the server, updated each regenerateAnon()

-on regenerateAnon() every id should be encrypted with the new key
-every user id should have a very own internal key that should not be viewed by anyone but helps with the encryption, so that one user can not decrypt the id of another
-methods encrypt(User, string key); encrypt(User , string oldkey, string newkey);

add: a word filter, for the lulz desu

add: possibility to leave the chat
how we didnt do this yet haha

add: stats?

add: custom blacklist for each board
with a limit of x words

add: possibility to edit the limit size of upload
higher sizes will not be sent through the anonymous function

add: Languages
each sentence will be stored in a file, read by the program as it starts. In the info of the server there will be the language the bot will use. Languages are stored in the languages folder lol, yea users can create their own languages as well.

add: make each var editable
-the time it takes to randomize the anons should be edited in its randomness (setting a max and a minimum I guess)

add: server setup
-the app will ask any information it needs to set up the server accordingly in a simple setup
-a advanced setup makes the founder able to edit any var used by the bot
-there is a section of the var region in the code where all vars that can be edited are found, set a load function when the server starts and a edit function as well

sec: Msgsent should be set to 0 each time the anon has been randomized
Actually there should be different steps of multiple of ten until it reaches a maximum (default: 100) and the user is not considered a new fag anymore.

add: change the maximum user count (default: 9999)

add: faster anon rigenerating by adding a letter first or after the anon number
-Anon a707 for example
-would fix the maximum user count

add: anti lurker mechanics
-you have been lurking for too much, you left the chat
-bool antiLurkers
-check each day the date of the last message of each user if its long enough he's lurking

add: locked mode
-no post can be made by users

add: Slow mode
-set a longer wait time between each message
-if a user has already a message in the queue it will be blocked

add: console user interface with infos about what it's sending
Sending >1123 by Anon 4217..... Done!"
Each dot is a bot
-On starting up the bot the console should show what it's doing

add: smart chat moving
-the bot u were using has been blocked by telegram, you just start another bot of the same chat and use the command /movehere botblockedId
-this will replace the id of the bot blocked with this new bot, so every user that was from the old bot and start a bot from this chat will be redirected to this one
-USERS SHALL NOT BE BANNED IF THEY BLOCK A BOT (as maybe, just maybe the bot was the one blocked)

add: the admin channel
-admins only
-forward requests and other requests will be sent there
-reports will be sent there

add: if its replying to his own message that he sent to the bot (not the one with the /you/ reposted by the bot) then it should act as if it isnt replying to something at all

add: boardNightMode

add: /login system, someone would request users to send a answer for a topic before logging it in

add: wipe exif data from reuploaded media

test: does it correctly work without a
Thread.Sleep(500); //wait a little to not get knocked out by a 429
used for each upload in the realsendall?

test: forwarding albums

test: postBrakeMs to zero

test: getliltext reply has this return "" if there is a caption
check that they are actually useful for something cause i
think they might make it not work correctly

test: line about 6990 there is a code commented, can it be deleted or is it used for something (deprecated code)

----Release the code----